$25 a month

Cappuccinos and Consignment Accountability Group


Cappuccinos and Consignment Accountability Group

Cappuccinos and Consignment

Bonjour mes amies!

Accountability is what keeps us on track. When you verbally share your thoughts and goals, there's no taking it back. People will inquire (out of genuine interest or not) about your progress.

Since I am not a component of "moving in silence," yet I do understand that not everyone will understand or encourage you along your journey. I have created a safe place for everyone to convert their dreams into actionable goals.

The Cappuccinos and Consignment accountability group is not solely intended for content creators. If your goal is to save for a home, get a promotion, finish your degree, reach your desired weight, whatever it is you desire to achieve, mes amies will support you along the way.

What does membership include?

Monthly LIVE group meetings (to set a S.M.A.R.T plan of action.)

Bi-Monthly check-ins.

Access to members-only group forum.

What will the membership provide?

In this group, we will positively challenge one another to ensure no one is left behind as we move to our purpose.

This membership ​will remain a safe space for us to voice our fears, share our doubts and be multifaceted.  Here, you are no longer the “strong friend.”  You will be provided support to dream and direction on reaching your goals.

How much is membership?

$25/per month.

Where will membership meetings take place?

Hybrid, virtual and in-person.  ​

If you are ready to walk into your vision fully and want a community to see you through unbiasedly, join the Cappuccinos and Consignment member group below.

Ciao for now 💋

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